Vinyasa yoga

Fridays 10am–11.15am (75 mins)

Location: Rehearsal Studio, The Pump House

Local Board Road, Lower Watford High Street, Watford, WD17 2JP

(please use the theatre entrance and then go up the stairs on the right - parking in the rear carpark of Pump House or if coming from Bushey side avoid the one way system, park in Century Park and walk down the side alley)

CLASS DESCRIPTION: A dynamic vinyasa class focusing on breath awareness. Classes will involve surya namaskar, standing postures, forward bending, backward bending, inversions, meditation and relaxation. Expect chanting, hands on assists and great music. All levels welcome but knowledge of sun salutation is recommended.


Dharma Yoga

Saturdays 10.30am-12noon (90 mins)

Location: Stables Gallery *

Reveley Lodge, 88 Elstree Rd, Bushey Heath, WD23 4GL

*please note this is a small space and classes are limited to 10 students, make sure you pre book this class.

(limited parking on site till 12 noon only. You can also park on Elstree Rd)

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Dharma Yoga was created by Sri Dharma Mittra in 1975 and draws on his over 40 years of practice. The physical posture practice (Asana) tones and invigorates the body and mind, leading to enhanced flexibility, strength, balance and concentration. Breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditative techniques regulate the heartbeat, de-stress the nervous system and calm the mind. Guided deep healing relaxation or Yoga Nidra relieves stress, slows down the thoughts, calms the mind and recharges ones one's physical body.


starting 6th Nov !!

Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior

Wednesdays 8pm-9pm (60 mins)

Location: Small studio, The Bushey Centre

High St, Bushey WD23 1TT

(next door to Bushey Country Club - huge car park and parking is free in the evenings)

CLASS DESCRIPTION: This is a brisk, guided, led vinyasa class. The class offers a well-rounded practice as a set sequence that includes a warm-up, the setting of an elevated intention, chanting, surya namaskar, standing asanas, twists, balances, backward bending, forward bending and inversions, as well as meditation and relaxation, and is designed to be completed in one hour. Because it is a fixed sequence that is always the same, a student has the opportunity to progress to the level of mastery by committing to a consistent, steady, regular sadhana.