Inspired to become more flexible after working on a photo shoot with some parkour artists; I went to my first yoga class, a Hot Yoga class, 11 years ago aged 30. This lead me to Ashtanga, then Vinyasa, Rocket, Jivamukti and Dharma Yoga.

I completed the 200 hour Vinyasa yoga training at Sangye Yoga (a Jivamukti affiliated school) in Oct 2016 and my 500 hour with Dharma Mittra in New York in Oct 2018. More recently I have done a 50hr Rocket tt with David Kyle in 2019.

My training has made me realise that yoga is so much more than asana, I hope to share this in my practice and through my classes. 

Iā€™m eternally grateful to my teachers Cat Alip-Douglas and Phil Douglas for and setting me on this path, to Dharma Mittra for sharing his knowledge of this wonderful practice and to my students for constantly teaching and inspiring me.